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Make Your Business Mobile

The internet is changing. Consumers are using their mobile phones more than ever before. If your business web presence isn't mobile you are losing customers. You are losing money!

Pick up your smart phone and google your website. If it loads slowly, print is too small to read or there are no click to call buttons, guess what? Customers are jumping off your site and onto one that looks and feels current. 

Don't stress - it's an easy fix. Mobile Magick* offers affordable solutions with personalized service. Seeing is truly believing. Contact us today. We can bring your business up to date. 
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The new wave  Responsive Websites 

Have you been putting off getting a website for your small business? Or maybe your website just needs a makeover from it's outdated look? We have the solution. Responsive means your web page moves effortlessly across all devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, wide screen televisions. Don't put it off anymore! 
Take advantage of our excellent pricing and creative designs now. Contact us for a consultation or order one of our web packages today and we'll call you! Its a great time to make your business mobile.
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Why go mobile with your website?

As of April 15, 2015 Google has implemented a new algorithm. Websites that are not upgraded to mobile friendly will be pushed to the bottom of search. Watch this video!

Is your website mobile friendly? Take the test below
Google Page Friendly Test
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