About Us

Sherry Ann Steele > Owner

I started my company Mobile Magick* out of a desire to help small business owners and from sheer frustration, trying to navigate on my smart phone, some of the sites I have landed on. 

My entire life I have worked in some form of sales, for small business owners, or as a biz owner myself. One thing is certain - business always changes. The internet and personal computer have had as dramatic effect on our lives, as the automobile and electricity did to those living a century ago. As mobile devices move to the front of our digital development, business websites must evolve or become irrelevant.

Mobile Magick* is anxious to help. We offer a free consultative service and reasonably priced products to build your business a new responsive site from scratch or give your old one a needed upgrade or simply some mobile magick*
We look forward to hearing from you soon ;0)

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